The above includes all Start Up project development and its Management. From your first idea for a business to getting it started can be daunting task. Suddenly you are faced with practicalities for which you may not be equipped.

  • Where do I start from?
  • How do I register & establish my company?
  • How and where do I get architectural services from?
  • How do I identify my vendors?
  • How do I design my corporate logo?
  • How do I design my web site?
  • How and where do I get my office furniture from?
  • What kind of interior should I have in my offices?
  • At which locations do I set-up the offices?
  • How much manpower do I need and where to get it from?
  • What will be the return on the investments that I will make?
  •  How I will handle marketing and what be its cost?
  • What liabilities will I have?
  • What will my cash flow be?
  • How much finances do I need?
  • Where and how do I get financing from?
  • Where do I get the complete ATL/BTL support from?

Corporate Vogue-BPR, facilitates its corporate associate through out the project cycle. Corporate Vogue will be there all the way from project identification and design to project management and appraisal.


Board of Investment

Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF)

Competitiveness Support Fund

SME Business Support Fund

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority

Engineering Development Board(EDB)

Lahore Garment City Company

Institute of Architects Pakistan

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