Dr. Kauser Abdullah Malik T.I, S.I, H.I

Distinguished National Professor
Secretary, Biotechnology Commission of Pakistan
Fr. Member Planning Commission of Pakistan
Fr. Member Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Fr. Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council
Founding Director National Institute for Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Chairman COA

Dr. M. Waheed Akhter                                                                          

Director, School Of Biological Sciences, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.
Founding Director, Institute of Biochemistry & Biotechnology Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.
Fr. Dean of Sciences, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.


Mrs. Uzma Saghir              

Director Finance, Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan (WAPDA).
An MPA (Fin), Mrs. Saghir has substantial experience of the financial sector.


Mrs. Tasneem Malik                                                                               

Founding Member & Campus Head, Beaconhouse School System, Pakistan.
Mrs. Malik is an Msc in Child Guidance and a Certificate in education.
She is an educationist and has more than 30 years of educational management,
administration and teaching experience in Pakistan and Germany.


Mrs. Seemi Waheed                                                                               

Member Directing Staff, Senior Management Wing, National Management College, Lahore Pakistan.
Mrs. Waheed has an MPhil in economics and an expert on the working of the public sector.
She has also worked as a consultant for several by/multilateral organizations.


Mr. Fetha-ulla-Khan 

Marketing and retail consultant, Toronto, Canada.
Mr. Khan is an MBA and has large experience of working in the Marketing and
Retail sector of Canada.


Mrs. Shamim Iftikhar           

Campus Head, Beaconhouse School System, Pakistan.
A lawyer by training and an educationist by profession, Mrs. Iftikhar has a Diploma
In Education and more than 20 years of educational management, administration
and teaching experience in Pakistan.


Mr. Saghir Ahmad

Director Human Resource, Lahore Electricity Supply Corporation (LESCO), Lahore, Pakistan
An MPA (HR), Mr. Ahmad has substantial human resource experience.

Dr. Meera Malik
Director Technical, Invitrovogue Inc. An Invitro diognostic company.
Dr. Malik is in the field of pathology and  consults on best health care practaces. 


Board of Investment


Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF)

Competitiveness Support Fund

SME Business Support Fund

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority

Engineering Development Board(EDB)

Lahore Garment City Company

Institute of Architects Pakistan   

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