Corporate Vogue-BPR is a Business Process Re-engineering BPR and turn key project management practice, with its affiliate offices in countries of Asia, Europe, Americas and the Gulf. Our aim is to be facilitating partner during each step of your business endeavors and meet the needs of our corporate associates (clients) at a competitive price.

Corporate Vogue- BPR brings to its corporate associates an entire one window operation though which they can get support on issues from business initiation to sustained business growth. This service can be provided for all SARC countries as well as some countries of Europe, Americas and the UAE.

These services that Corporate Vogue-BPR provides can be in the form of “Turn Key Project’ (TKP) agreement or “Turn Key Element’ (TKE) agreement.

The team at Corporate Vogue-BPR is highly qualified. Every new corporate associate is allocated a ‘Business Facilitation Partner’ (BFP) who jointly evaluates their requirements and undertakes them on jointly agreed priority basis. These team members keep themselves briefed about the corporate associates affaires so that when they contact our office they have choices of best solutions for their queries or problems.

Corporate Vogue-BPR is well aware that the only ambition of the corporate associate is: to maximize profitability, while minimize the capital incursion on their human resources. Our job is to ensure that these ambitions are achieved.

We are happy to provide quotations to you at any time. All we will need is a brief description of your business if you want to get into a ‘Turn Key Element’ (TKE) agreement or a brief description of the business idea that you want to be a really if you want to get into a ‘Turn Key Project’ (TKP) agreement.   


Board of Investment

Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF)

Competitiveness Support Fund

SME Business Support Fund

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority

Engineering Development Board(EDB)

Lahore Garment City Company

Institute of Architects Pakistan

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